Scott Hayes Wildlife Art

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What a Relief Wall Sculptures

Montana artist Scott Hayes combines his sculpting talents, creativity, and years of experience to bring you this unique form of relief sculpture. Hayes has over 12 years experience carving intricate wildlife scenes inside the antlers of elk, moose, and deer, and the horns of bighorn sheep. He is well known for his award-winning pieces in which he combines these beautiful carvings with his detailed bronze sculptures, making each an original masterpiece.

The Process . . .


     These beautiful, one-of-a-kind sculptures are designed to be sculpted in drywall mud, on location, on your walls or ceiling. The pieces may be built separately and later hung in place; however, the original intention of the artist is that the sculpture be built in place as a permanent fixture. The piece is then painted the same color as the wall, or ceiling, giving it a subtle, yet 3-Dimensional appeal.

Click on picture to see samples.

     He can customize a sculpture to give life to that otherwise ordinary space!  If a large scene doesn't fit in your house, he also does scenes to accentuate smaller areas.  These scenes go well around doors, windows, vanities, mirrors, back splashes, and more.  The wall sculpture will add a unique finishing touch to your home.